How to send out good e-mails?

We come across poorly written emails daily. This is surprising because we live in world, which is being dominated by digital communication instead of face-to-face conversations. Isn’t the least you can do to make sure that you send out correct e-mails?

Just think of the amount of text messages and emails, which you send every day, week, month or even on a yearly basis. Given the volume, don’t you think ensuring that each email is clean, concise and professional in tone should be a priority?

Below you will find a few tips on how to send good e-mails.

  1. Double check the name(s) of your recipient(s)

There is nothing worse than sending an e-mail to the wrong person. Especially when it has sensitive content. Of course there is the re-call option but sometimes it is already too late to undo the damage. So before you click on Send always check if you are sending the e-mail to the correct person(s).

  1. Keep it short but clear

short What would you prefer? An email with a never-ending story or a one-liner? We think everybody will go for the one-liner!!!! If you want people to read your email then you better make sure it is appealing to read and that is not the case with never-ending stories. Instead, be concise and explicitly mention the action(s) which need to be done.

  1. Be professional

Needless to say but more and more companies monitor e-mails or even log drafts. You should keep this in mind when sending out emails. Unprofessional or offensive emails could hurt your chances at a promotion or even be used as evidence in a lawsuit against you.

  1. Use grammar checks

Nowadaygrammars every computer or software program has its own grammar check tools. Make sure you use them! After checking spelling, grammar and formatting, take a moment to quietly read your message aloud. Vocalizing what you’ve written is a great way to make sure the writing flows and catch errors you might otherwise miss.

You can use above-mentioned tips for example within the company you are working for but also when you are applying for a job. Are you having difficulty with standing out in the crowd of candidates, then contact Executives for Hospitality by uploading your CV here. Who knows we might be sending a good email to your potential new employer to introduce you!