• "Hiring is to be the most important first step towards the organization’s success"

Client Services

Our Focus

People are a company’s biggest asset. Without the right professionals filling the right positions, an organization cannot perform to its maximum potential.

We focus on screening and selecting professionals with personality, positive attitude and passion for the service industry.

We believe that the process of selecting the right person for the right job goes beyond matching the skills set and previous experiences – it should also include the right personality that could add value to the entire team.

As we solely cater to the hospitality segment of the market, we ensure to attract the best candidates in the market and efficiently respond to requirements within agreed timeline.

At Executives for Hospitality, we exclusively provide you with contingent searches for all your middle and senior management vacancies.

Personalized Approach

In order for us to have a clear understanding of the role, the actual feel of the work environment and the right personality fit, we strive to meet our clients in person for each assignment. This is necessary to perfectly cater to our clients’ specific needs, culture and potential future plans.

The same approach is used in our search for delivering “The Best for The Best.” Whenever possible, we meet our candidates personally to hear their story and to get a better feel of their personality. This strategy effectively helps us in matching our professionals to your business.

Our Process

  1. We take a personal brief on your requirements.
  2. We start our search upon agreement of the Terms of Business.
  3. We pre-screen, interview and pre-select candidates according to your requirements.
  4. We provide you the candidate’s resumes in our standard company format.
  5. We will assist in scheduling the interview(s), follow up and provide feedback.
  6. We perform reference checks for you, or provide you with details for the same.
  7. We can act as an intermediary between you and the candidate when it comes to the Offer Letter / Employment Contract.
  8. We can collect the necessary documentation from the candidate on your behalf.
  9. After commencement date of the successful candidate, we will follow up to closely monitor the performance of the candidate in your organization.