Helpful Networking tips

Networking event

Some of us find it very easy to make new friends and to meet new people but others don’t have this gift. As soon as they hear the word ‘Networking’ they freeze. That is a shame because you can get so much out of networking events and connecting with other professionals in your industry.

In order to make networking easier we give you 4 tips. Guaranteed that you will make new career friends.

  1. Make a target list

Be well prepared. If possible make a list of the people who will be coming to the event or at least make sure you know who you would like to talk to. In case you don’t have this information upfront, just go a little early and ask the organizer for this information so you can update your list accordingly.

  1. Change the way you think about Networking

A network event can be seen as a good way to get to know others and to seek advise from someone who might have a different point of view. Make sure you show interest in others by asking questions to them. Also make sure you go there with a positive mindset. By doing so you will appear more confident to others. Negativity has never taken anyone anywhere.

  1. Mind your appearance

Open appearanceWalk in to a networking event with the appropriate attitude. Appear approachable and be willing to approach others. The simplest things you can do is offer a smile to people you come in eye contact with and avoid poor body language such as crossing your arms or keeping your head down.

  1. Directly introduce yourself

Wherever you go, always make sure you introduce yourself. Shake hands and make eye contact with this other person. When you have difficulty remembering other people’s names, then it helps if you repeat the name of the other person. Suppose the other person introduces himself as Sander, you can say “Hi Sandra, my name is Andrew, nice to meet you” or “Hi, my name is Andrew, nice to meet you Sandra”.

Now go out and start enjoying networking!! Good luck!!

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