Helpful Networking tips

May 28, 2015

Some of us find it very easy to make new friends and to meet new people but others don’t have this gift. As soon as they hear the word ‘Networking’ they freeze. That is a shame because you can get so much out of networking events and connecting with other professionals in your industry. In […]

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Accepting Constructive Criticism

May 24, 2015

If it’s been a while since you’ve been criticized at work, either one of two things are happening: You don’t have a very demanding job, or  Your job may be difficult, but your managers are letting you become stagnate, holding back the correction and instruction that would otherwise help you learn, change and grow. Since […]

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5 Things You Should Be Doing When You’re Unemployed

September 3, 2014

(or actively seeking for a new opportunity)  STOP Applying to jobs you’re actually not qualified for (which more or less half of all job-seekers do)! This is counter-productive to your job search and might come across as of you do not know what you want in a job, or even career. So stop applying to […]

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