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About Us

Our Mission

“The Best for the Best”

We practice this in all our client and candidate services as we strive to provide our clients with the best possible professionals in the market. On the other hand, we strive to find the best possible careers for our candidates.

Our Values

Passion: We love the business we are in and this is what we are looking for in our candidates as well.

Personal: The hospitality sector is all about people delivering unmatched quality of service to other people, on a more personalized level. Executives for Hospitality endeavors to deliver these services with similar personal touch and detail-oriented approach.

Reliability: We commit to deliver and provide our services with transparency and honesty. Confidentiality is guaranteed for both clients and candidates.

Our dedicated team consists of experienced recruitment consultants who share the same passion for the hospitality jobs industry, as well as a background within the same sector.

We are always looking for motivated, ambitious and hardworking candidates who are searching for new and better opportunities. We are committed in acquiring new talents to support the growth of our clients’ business and help enrich our candidates’ professional careers and personal goals.

Executives for Hospitality is an initiative of Portokali Consultancy FZ LLC, which is registered under License No. 3330/2013. Please contact us for more details.